Home of the Hornets 

​​​​​​ St. Elizabeth R-IV


A vision for the future with respect for the past. 


​President – Dana Kemna
Vice President – Vicky Wobbe
Secretary – Angie Heckemeyer
Treasurer – Tracy Otto

Member – Rhonda Heckemeyer
Member – Stacie Wieberg 

Contact: stebooster@hotmail.com                                                

What is Booster Club?
A booster club is an organization that is formed to support associated clubs, sports team, or organization. For St. Elizabeth R – 4 the booster club supports the band, track, boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball.  

What does the Booster Club do?
The booster club meets monthly to discuss and determine projects to fund for the athletic and music departments.  Fund raising opportunities are also discussed and planned throughout the academic year

How can I help?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Attend any of our meetings to help support our children.  Some of the places we need assistance are;

1.  Volunteer to help in concession stands during our sports events or fund raisers. 
2.  Pick up supplies needed for concessions or fund raising. 
3.  Assist with organizing a worklist for concession stands.

4.  Volunteer to run errands when needed for big events

When do they meet?
The second Wednesday of every month during the academic year (August – May) at 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria.   

Concession Stand Work List  and Guidelines

Winter 2019-20 Concession Stand Work List

Fall 2019 Concession Stand Work List 

Concession Stand Work List  and Guidelines

Winter 2019-20 Concession Stand Work List 

Fall 2019 Concession Stand Work List 


  1. The concession stand is to be open 30 minutes before the game
  2. It is your responsibility to get their early enough to get things ready to open.
  3. It is your responsibility to find someone to work for you if you are unable to work your assigned night. 
  4. Please do not wait unit the last minute to review this schedule
  5. There may be times where a game is rescheduled which makes it impossible for you to work. 
  6. Notify the Booster Club contact for that night as soon as you realize there is a conflict. 
  7. All athletes and their parents are required to work at least one game during the school year
  8. If the game you are assigned to work is rescheduled, plan on working the night it is rescheduled for. 
  9. If you have more than one child in a family, parents may be required to work additional games. 
  10. Remember it is the concession stand that makes it possible to buy things for our athletes.