Doug Kempker, Superintendent

Alicia Burrows, Principal

Mary Oligschlaeger, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, Bus Driver

Val Kesel, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper

Liz Heckemeyer, Administrative Assistant

Sarah Wankum, Counselor, Homeless/Foster Care/ELL Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator


Marcia Clayton, Pre-K lead teacher

Kristi Green, Kindergarten teacher

Bambi Kemna, 1st grade teacher

Stacie Wieberbg, 2nd grade teacher

Katia Steinbeck, 3rd grade teacher

Amanda Malmberg, 4th grade teacher

Cathy Engelmeyer, 5th grade teacher

Lauren Kliethermes, Elementary Computers

JH & High School

Kari Leurquin, HS English

Mandy Gibson, HS Science

Shelby Franks, JHMath

Michelle Heckemeyer,  JH English & Spanish

Kristen Holtmeyer, Business, A + Coordinator

Nicole McDonnell, JH & HS Social Studies

Becky Otto, Math

Jordyn Bax, JH Science, STEAM

Linda Volmert, 6th & 7th  grade Social Studies

Cooks and Maintenance

Kathy Finch, Head Cook

Karla Buechter, Cook

Warren Buechter, Head of Maintenance

Blaine Kemna, Custodian

Bernard Holtmeyer, Night Custodian

Bus Drivers

Diane Juergensmeyer, Transportation Coordinator

Greg Hoecker

Frank Holtmeyer

Brent Irwin

Charlene Trusley

240 Church Street, St. Elizabeth, MO 65075

573-493-2246 (phone)   573-493-2380 (fax)

Special Education Services Support Staff

Brenda Clayton, SPED Director, 504 Coordinator

Margie Chipman, SPED Teacher

Amber Ridenour, SPED Teacher

Other Teachers

Caleb Heckemeyer, PE and Health

Eric Veile, Music and Band

Dana Voss, Art

Tiffany Lackman, Librarian & Reading 

Support Staff

Patty Doerhoff, Nurse

Martha Bax, Before and After Care

Ashley Wilde, Pre-K Aide

Dean Klempke, Technology Coordinator

A vision for the future with respect for the past. 

​​​​​​​​​​​ St. Elizabeth R-IV


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