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College Visits

St. Elizabeth R-IV
​Guidance Mission Statement

It is the mission of the St. Elizabeth R-IV Guidance Department to educate, support and guide each individual so that they are able to succeed and maximize their potential in this ever changing world.


1st Grade- 2:00-2:25

Military Information 

Guidance and Counseling Philosophy
The St. Elizabeth R-IV Public School District believes that the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is an essential and integral part of the overall educational process kindergarten through grade twelve.

The St. Elizabeth School District R-4 Public Schools’ Guidance and Counseling Program focuses on all students and is preventative as well as remedial in nature. While the school counselor continues to respond to the unique needs of individuals, all students benefit from experiential activities that enhance their knowledge and skills in career planning and exploration, in self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, and in educational/vocational development. Proficiency in these areas serves to improve students’ self-concept, fosters better peer and adult interactions, and lends students a sense of purpose and direction in more effectively planning and controlling their own lives. Such enhanced competencies result in students who are prepared to cope with life’s decisions and to manage human relationships in order to be lifelong successful, productive citizens.

The school counselor is not the counseling program. The school counselor and school counseling program use a collaborative model as their foundation. Counselors do not work alone; all educators play a role in creating an environment which promotes the achievement of identified student goals and outcomes. The counselor facilitates communication and establishes linkages for the benefit of students, with teaching staff, administration, families, agencies, businesses and other members of the community. School success depends upon the cooperation and support of the entire faculty and staff.


6th Grade- 8:37-9:02
3rd Grade- 12:37-1:02

Sarah Wankum




My name is Sarah Wankum.  I have been with St. Elizabeth School district since 2011.  I graduated in December 2015 with my Master’s degree in Education with a focus on School Guidance and Counseling from Lincoln University. Previously, I taught elementary for 7 years.  I take an active role as counselor and would like to extend to everyone an open invitation to any concerns or questions that I may be able to assist with. I want for the connection between home and school to be positive and successful, and communication is a key contributing factor to that success.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.


5th Grade- 12:12- 12:37
4th Grade- 12:37-1:02

Here are some links for the various branches of the military.  These links can be helpful to obtain more information about each branch and the programs and careers that they have to offer.  Recruiters are also available at the school upon request or on scheduled meeting days. 

There are no college visits setup due to COVID.

If you would like to set up a virtual visit with a college, please see Mrs. Wankum. 


2nd Grade- 12:37-1:02
Kindergarten- 2:00-2:25


If you are interested in one of the schools you must sign up in the counselor’s office prior to the college rep visit. 

If there is a particular school you are interested in learning more about, please see Mrs. Wankum to try and schedule a visit with a representative.    

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