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Dual Credit 

ITV Dual Credit Course Information & Guidelines: 

St. Elizabeth High School has an opportunity to partner with Central Methodist University (CMU) and the MITE Network  to expand our Dual Credit offering through ITV (Interactive TV) courses.  If a student elects to take any of the ITV courses, they must be in good standing as a student and meet the required placement scores or prerequisites prior to registering for the classes.  Students will be responsible for payment of courses required byCMU.  St. Elizabeth R-IV School District provides the textbooks for these courses.   

Since students are paying for the ITV college courses, students that elect to take these courses will get both weighted high school credit as well as college credit for the courses taken.  Please check with the colleg or university you plan to attend regarding transferability of credit prior to enrolling in any of these courses.  

The cost of these ITV classes are $80/credit hour, payable to Central Methodist University.  Remember, to take these classes you must meet the GPA and/or ACT requirements for each class. 

Enrollment forms for dual credit classes will be mailed out to students and their parents over the summer.  These must be returned, with payment, to the counselor’s office by the due date listed in the letter.  Mrs. Wankum will collect all enrollment forms and payments and mail to CMU.  Please contact Mrs. Wankum in the counselor’s office for other course availability. 

Below is a list of courses offered for dual credit through the ITV program: 

  • College Algebra (MA 103) - 3 credit hours
  • Elementary Statistics (MA 105) - 3 credit hours
  • College Composition I (EN 110) - 3 credit hours 
  • College Composition II (EN 111) - 3 credit hours 
  • Development of the U.S. I (HI 117) - 3 credit hours 
  • Development of the U.S. II (HI 118) - 3 credit hours 
  • General Psychology (PY 101) - 3 credit hours 
  • Introduction to Sociology (SO 101) - 3 credit hours
  • Public Speaking (CT 101) - 3 credit hours 
  • Introduction to World Literature (EN 105) - 3 credit hours