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State Annual Performance Report (APR) Release For All Missouri Schools

Hornets across our district have reason to celebrate as the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the new MSIP 9 Annual Performance Report for all Missouri public schools.

DESE release the results to school district leaders and the media last week and lifted the embargo on March 7 for the results to be made public.

Of 553 public and charter schools, St. Elizabeth scored 94.8%, the fifth-highest score given to school districts.   The score also ranks 2nd among all Missouri K-12 schools, the highest in the Central Region.  Three of the four school districts are K-8 school districts. The top 5 schools listed by DESE are Green Forest R-II, Thornfield R-I, Marceline R-V, Mark Twain R-VIII, and St. Elizabeth R-IV.

“On behalf of the school board and administration, we would like to commend our staff, students, and community for their outstanding dedication to our school district,” boasts Superintendent Doug Kempker.    Kempker states that the St. Elizabeth School District historically does well with APR reports, and this is just another indicator of the dedication that all stakeholders provide.   “To achieve a score like this with the new MSIP 6 is an outstanding achievement,” said Kempker.

The last APR report that was released was in 2018.   That year the Hornets scored a 100%; however, the new MSIP 6 was filled with new criteria, which made the MSIP 5 non-existent.   MSIP 6 is much more stringent than ever before.   According to DESE, in 2018, 320 Missouri schools achieved a 95% or higher.  In this year’s release using the same data, only four schools achieved an APR of higher than 95%.

Recently, St. Elizabeth, along with the help of teachers, administrators, school board members, and community members, developed a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.   The new APR school will help guide our staff to identify areas of improvement.   Focus areas that the school will continue to focus on are being able to maintain its high state-wide assessment scores as well as increase community involvement with the school. 

Congratulations to the St. Elizabeth school community on their achievement in becoming one of the best school districts in the state of Missouri.